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Arkansas: From Then to Now

Dr. Diane Everman

hardbound, 8.5 x 11", 196pp

The culminating piece of the Arkansas Studies Curriculum is a brand new Arkansas history textbook that can be used at the 5th and/or 6th grade levels.  Arkansas: From Then to Now was designed to be a student’s first master textbook in Arkansas history.  Organized into eight, chronologically ordered chapters it provides windows into what life has been like during different periods of Arkansas’s development.  The text describes Arkansas’s past in a way that strongly encourages student thought and imagination in asking and answering the text’s central question, “What was it like?”  With its fast-paced narrative, its many never-before published illustrations and “sidebars” that provide a wealth of detail regarding Arkansas people, places, and events, this text presents a thorough and comprehensive synthesis of Arkansas’s history, geography, and economy, as well as its governmental and social structure.    In 2006, Arkansas: From Then to Now was cited for excellence in production by The Printing Industry Association of the South.

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