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The Arkansas Studies Puzzle Pack has joined the rest of the Arkansas Studies Curriculum!

Join Big Bear and the Critter Crew in a new and interactive way that will give your students many hours of adventure as they learn about the variety of Arkansas's geophysical elements.

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In case you missed it, click here to read Tom Dillard's Feb. 3 column from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about the Arkansas Studies Curriculum. Big Bear say's "Thanks" to Tom and everyone else who has given support to this program.

Top Ten Reasons

Why You Want to
Implement the
Arkansas Studies Curriculum

10 - It’s vertically integrated (K - 5/6th)

 9 - Allows elementary teachers to concentrate on specific areas

 8 - It’s aligned with ADE Frameworks
 7 - It’s on the State Adoption List

 6 - It’s packed with really cool teaching aids and resources

 5 - It supports current literacy instructional practices

 4 - It supports instruction in history, geography, economics, and civics

 3 - It fulfills the legal requirements of Acts of Arkansas 787

 2 - It’s the most fun your students and teachers will have all year
 1 - Because Arkansas’s future leaders need to understand Arkansas’s Past


And, oh, by the way - It’s the best curriculum bargain you’ll ever see !!!

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Sydney and
Garrett’s Great
Second Grade

Vivianna Becomes
an Arkansan
Third Grade

Cephas Faulk and His
Wayback Powder
Fourth Grade

Arkansas: From
Then to Now
Fifth/Sixth Grade

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